Friday, August 23, 2013


Every now and then I see a sight at the beach that makes going that much nicer. Here's a shot I took of a young man taking his mom to the beach to enjoy the water! I think I might have seen something like this only two other times in all the years I've been going to South Beach. I think it's FABULOUS that SOME on this earth understand how much things like this mean to our parents as they get older. I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days fixing up things at my mom's house in New Mexico. She could not have been more thankful for me taking care of the "little things" that make her life a bit more difficult, and I was happy to help her. Our parents are so greatful for the little things we do for them! I congratulate this young man for making his mom's day much brighter! Here's to you my friend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Here's a great way to NEVER forget your camera!  I had to look twice when I saw this idea as it had never struck me before..............LOL  Personally, I don't know why someone would get a tattoo like this, but then again, this is pretty tame compared to some I've seen.  At any rate, this guy will ALWAYS have a camera with him!


Sunday, August 11, 2013


This photo seems to evoke an emotional response without even saying or writing anything.  Everyone I've shown the shot to says the same thing............"that is a SCARY looking tree!"  I took this photo during a recent visit to New Mexico, and as we were going down the road at 70 MPH, I spotted this gloomy looking tree that BEGGED me to take a photo of it.  Here is my "Scary Tree" photo!