Monday, June 21, 2010


Since I've been home with my arm problems, I've gone through some of my older photos and selected a few for my blog that I thought everyone might like. Here's a shot I took while we were descending into Portland, Oregon (PDX) a few months ago. The sun just happened to be peeking through a cloud layer which I found to be an intriguing shot. Hard to believe something approximately 93 million miles away can produce such an interesting photo!! Isn't Mother Nature grand? (click on the photo to enlarge it)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As most of you know, I take a lot of photos at the beach..... mostly of people who seem to have no idea they are attracting attention. This guy was walking, or should I say "sashaying" down the beach a while back, totally oblivious to the world. He was wearing long pants, and this goofy headgear which made him look like the monster from the green lagoon. Now why on earth would anyone go walking on the beach looking like this? I guess I must be missing something. (Sorry for the poor picture quality....this guy caught me totally off guard).

Friday, June 11, 2010


Okay everyone, here's what I have for you today.......................the good.........and the bad.....REAL bad. Now I know that everyone at the beach doesn't have a "bathing suit body", but some are just getting a bit out of hand. Here's a shot of a guy who (and I'm only guessing here), decided his sock would make an incredible bathing suit (if you can call it that). He seemed to be pretty proud of his creation. The ladies in the other shot had asked him to pose for pictures, and when I went up to them and asked them what he called his "suit", they just laughed and said he had no name for it. I told them his photo was going on my blog, so they wanted to be on it too. So, here I present to you.......the good...which is REAL GOOD....;-) and the bad.............which is REAL BAD. Isn't life interesting???? Click on the photos to enlarge them. I KNOW which one will get the most enlargements......LOL

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A few weeks ago, an old buddy of mine from Roswell, Butch Evertson, and I got together. He's become friends with Nicko (the drummer from the group Iron Maiden), and wanted me to go to Nicko's restaurant. Since I was going out for dinner with some friends later that night, I couldn't eat too much, so I decided on a "light" appetizer..... some onion rings............................BIG MISTAKE. :-) After only TWO of these monsters, I was already full. I think they only get 4 or so onion rings from an onion. (Notice the chicken wing in the photo, and it was a nice size one too!) They certainly were good though. Hard to believe two onion rings can fill a person up.

Monday, June 7, 2010


About two months ago, a couple of guys from Detroit were walking down the beach with a sign that said "free hugs from Detroit". Two gals from Philadelphia who had asked me to take a picture of them with their camera earlier, waved the two guys over. (funny, but they had just been bragging about how smart the gals in PA were..................). When the guys came over to give the girls their "free hugs", the girls asked them where they were from............DUH!!!!!!! Sometimes you just can't argue with "dumb". LOL

Saturday, June 5, 2010


A few weeks ago I was driving home when I saw a "strange" sight. It APPEARED this HUGE dog was sitting on the drivers lap in the car next to me. Since it was a two door vehicle and the dog appeared to be sitting in the front seat, it certainly confused me.....................until I drove up next to the car and found out "the rest of the story". Apparently the vehicle was built with "right side drive" so the driver was in the right seat. I HAD to get a shot of this since I thought it was so cool.......and funny. So, here's two shots........and you can see what I'm talking about. Notice the van behind the car and you'll see the driver in the left seat. I think this guy drives around with his dog like this to blow every ones mind..................and he certainly did.......LOL

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Update on my arm. Had an MRI on Friday, still sore, and should have some further info in the next day or so. All I know is that even brushing my teeth is sometimes difficult. I HATE getting old.......LOL! Here's a couple of interesting shots I took a while back. Check out this guys Mohawk hairdo. Pretty neat, eh? Now check out his car. He has it set up to lower COMPLETELY to the ground when he's got it parked. (Looks like it was dragged to this spot....;-) ). The seats are all BEACH CHAIRS!!!! And check out the powers this beast like a rocket. When he drove off I thought I was watching a drag race. I'm just wondering how those beach chairs hold up with all that torque. Looks can certainly be deceiving. Click on the photos to enlarge them. This guy designs and paints cars like this. Pretty cool!