Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Thanks for coming to visit me on my blog "Picture This!!!" I hope you've enjoyed my travels, photos, and comments throughout the year. I look forward to bringing you another year of pictures shot through my cameras eye as I venture around our beautiful earth!!! My best to you and your loved ones!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


The other day when we were departing San Diego (SAN), and heading to Newark (EWR), we observed one of the most stunning sunsets I've seen in a LONG time. It was absolutely incredible..........the pinks, oranges, yellows, reds,...... I told my first officer to disregard the controllers request to turn northeast and just stay on our westerly heading so we could enjoy the beauty of it all. (He turned anyways, just to irritate me....LOL) Sights like this make my job one of the best in the world. I'm often asked if our "view" is much better from the front. After looking at photos like this, what do you think?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Here's a couple of "fun" shots I took in St Maarten. No one believes that airplanes fly so low over the beach, and "blast" everyone on the beach when departing. And no one believes that people are dumb enough to let the sand blast the daylights out of them either, but it's true, and here's the proof. It's always great fun to watch everyone do this.............just once. ;-) Photo 1: sunbathers getting their skin "exfoliated", and photo 2: the "exfoliater" (not a word, but sounds like one).

Friday, December 26, 2008


I took this shot on the beach a while back. I guess even pigeons are going green. Not quite sure what's going on with this guy, but he certainly caught my attention. I'm not sure if he was a pet and got dyed, or is just a "mutant" type of bird. Anyways, it's nice to see even birds are going "green" now. ;-)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Decided to go to the beach today after talking to many of my friends on this wonderful Christmas day in Hollywood, FL. I guess I've been blessed with good health throughout the year............and many of my friends have not. At any rate, I wish everyone a very joyous and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I sincerely hope things turn around for my many friends and that good health is on its way to you. On another note, here's a shot I took at the beach today. I think the umbrellas made for a nice shot. Peaceful and calming.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey everyone.........sorry for not posting, but I've been on the road for the past few days. Flew to Miami, Columbus Ohio, and San Diego CA, over the weekend. I'll put up a few photos when I get back home on the 26th of December. So till then, I'd like to thank everyone who views my blog for "checking in" and keeping me on my toes! Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a very Happy New Year to you all, and I'll talk to you soon! karl

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm often asked why I like to go to South Beach in Miami, instead of just hanging out here in Hollywood. One look at the attached photo and you'll have your answer. This is a photo of Hollywood Beach during our "over run" of snowbirds from Canada. (This is how the beach looks for almost three months straight! Sometimes I think I'm one of the only people who speaks English on the beach.............yep, it's that bad. Don't get me wrong, I love our Canadian neighbors, but when their isn't one square foot of unused beach for me to lay out, I get a bit defensive. Oh well, there's always SOUTH BEACH.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here's a funny shot I took at South Beach a couple of days ago. When I saw all these skimmers with their heads turned around, I thought about the game "Simon Says", and this picture fit it so appropriately. These are such neat birds. They make a little chirp/honk combination when they are "talking". Kinda funny. Hope you like the shot. Simon says: TURN YOUR HEAD AROUND!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm always amazed at some of the views I get from my office. Here's a picture of a sunset that occurred during an arrival into Newark (EWR), recently. The colors are astounding! I often wonder how something so far away can produce such phenomenal "eye candy"! And people wonder if I like my job..... ;-) Hope you like the shot.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


About a year ago when I was on an overnight in Cancun, (CUN), I had the opportunity to release a few baby sea turtles, courtesy of our hotel . It's a pretty neat experience to watch these little guys begin their journey through life with big waves crashing in on them. Unfortunately, not many will survive their first few days in the ocean, but just being a part of this was a humbling experience.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm asked quite often if the photos of airplanes flying low over the beach in St. Maarten, (SXM), are "photo shopped" or fake. Folks, they are REAL shots. I believe that SXM is one of the few airports in the world where photos like the one I've attached, can be taken. It's a thrill to have a 600,000 pound airplane fly only 20 feet above your head! Is it loud? No, not really, since most of the engines are at idle thrust. It does make eerie wispy sounds as the vortices descend to the ground around you though. If you're looking for an awesome airplane "adventure", I highly recommend SXM. You'll LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here's a shot of one of my favorite beach birds........the skimmer. Notice the long lower beak. These guys skim the top of the water with their lower beaks and catch fish. It's a pretty neat sight when you see them doing it. The make a funny little chirping noise when they're flying around too. They are quite a beautiful bird with their little orange markings on their beaks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sometimes I'm asked what I do with all my time I'll tell you what I do: I play games, do puzzles, and keep my mind busy with extraneous BS... LOL! Here's a shot of my "finish" of a computer game called Cradle of Rome. It's certainly an addicting game, and takes quite a while to finish. (Took me around two weeks to get it done). It gets pretty challenging around level 65 or so. The game "ends" around level 90, but if you get to level 100, you get this "reward" on your screen. Was nice to get that high!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today while walking the beach, I came across a gentleman enjoying a day at the beach with his two conures. They were absolutely gorgeous, and seemed to be enjoying their day at the beach.....except when an airplane or sea gull flew by and then they seemed a bit nervous.... ;-) A little boy with his mom and dad was just dying to pet those "cute" little birdies, but luckily decided against it. Good thing, since the owner said they were very protective of him and the little boy would've gotten tagged pretty good. Take it from someone who knows, these guys have beaks like razor blades, and they have no qualms about using them on someone. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


You see the strangest things at the beach. I saw this young lady parading around the beach the other day and wondered, how does one go out looking like this to a place where EVERYONE will see them? I guess they need to be seen, and boy everyone WAS looking......including me and my camera.... ;-)! Wool boots HAVE to be uncomfortable at the beach when it's 80 degrees, but when you're at the top of your game, something as trivial as heat doesn't matter. Fashion faux pas? Naw, just someone looking ridiculous for us to enjoy.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Here's a couple of shots of my drive back from Houston. Crossing the Mississippi river, the Mississippi, and some REALLY long bridges in Louisiana. I'm guessing some of these bridges are at least 20 or so miles least it kept the drive interesting. One thing I did notice was there was a TON of cops on the road and in Mississippi and Alabama they were located approximately every 10 miles along the interstate. Oh well, I guess they have to get their revenue somehow or another.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

STILL standing there!!

I've been gone for over a week and when I went back to South Beach in Miami, this guy was STILL sitting there on the pole. Would someone PLEASE throw this guy some food? I'll update everyone on my travels tomorrow! Certainly is nice to be back home again.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and got to spend it with loved ones as I did. I'll be off the blog for the next week as I'm heading to Houston to visit with my sister and due my annual currency check ride. (8 hours of simulator fun!!!) I wish everyone a great weekend and I'll be back to see you in a few days. Here's a nice New York City sunrise I took from Newark a few weeks back.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had the good fortune of having some of my dearest friends fly down south from New Jersey to visit for a few days. The Pipitone's....Vinnie Sr., Vinnie Jr., and their mom Enid (missing from the photo unfortunately....but I'll get one of her soon ;-) ), came down a few days ago. We've already gotten together a few times....and as always, a great time was had!!! They've invited us over for their annual Thanksgiving day dinner at Enid's moms place in Boca Raton. Whenever I'm at my "crash pad" in Newark, NJ (EWR), the Pipitones ALWAYS invite me over for a scrumptious home cooked meal.......lobster, steak, crab legs, shrimp, walnut salad.....EXQUISITE!!!!! I met the Pipitones through a great pilot fraternity I am a member of. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! Let's all be thankful for incredible friends this holiday season!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


When flying over the southwestern part of the United States, it's always interesting to see what things look like from the air. Copper mines are one of the most beautiful blues you can imagine. Seems kind of strange to see these brilliant turquoise blue man made ponds in the middle of the desert. At least it gives us something to look at during the "boring" parts of the flights. I'm always amazed at how crowded New York City, Los Angeles, and places like that are, when you won't see a home for 100 miles in many areas of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. When you hear how they're not making land any more, you have to wonder why no one moves where no one else is. Ahhhh, the peace and quite!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's a shot I took a few months back while flying into Newark, NJ (EWR). The photo is of the prison used in one of my favorite movies, "The Shawshank Redemption". Most of the guys I fly with have never seen it even though it's just to the left of our arrival to the northerly runways and we fly by it almost every day. Always a neat thing to see places that have been used in a movie!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


When walking on the beach you look for shells, sharks teeth, sand dollars, and just about anything else that will give you a nice memento of your visit. One thing you do NOT want to pick up, is a jellyfish lying on the beach that looks like an iridescent balloon. Popping one is just as hazardous. Why? Because the Man 'O War jellyfish is very poisonous and toxic, and even though it looks harmless lying there, it IS potent. The tentacles are almost invisible and sometimes extend out a few feet from where it is lying. Touching them will result in a painful burning sensation and welts on your skin. Even though most of the ones on the beaches in southeastern Florida are fairly small (3-4 inches) they are still dangerous. Often you'll see kids come running out of the water screaming, and yet the parents and bystanders have no clue as to what's happened.'those pesky jellyfish stings that have just ruined their day at the beach! Be careful but have fun! You've been warned!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Every now and then when I'm flying a trip, we get a wonderful thing called a "tailwind". Usually it's nothing more than high level winds pushing us along... and sometimes they push us really fast. I flew from Cancun, Mexico, to Newark, NJ, a couple of months ago in 2 hours and 50 minutes. It takes almost that long to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Newark (2+30)!!! We had some incredible tailwinds helping us along our way up to Newark. Here's a shot of one of our instruments displaying a ground speed of 645 knots (645 x1.1516 ='s miles per hour) which means we were actually flying at 743 miles per hour!!! That's moving my friends!!!! We were covering a mile every 4.85 seconds! My record is 670 knots (772 mph) which I've only seen once.....and even the air traffic controllers couldn't believe we were flying that fast. I think our tailwind was around 300 miles per hour or so that day, and we covered our route from Indianapolis, IN, to Newark, NJ, in just an hour. The only problem with tailwinds that strong is that it takes forever to get where you're going due to the HEADWINDS getting there!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Every now and then I see something that grabs my eye. This seagull seemed to be guarding his section of the beach, while grabbing some sun. I guess the vantage point he has allows him to watch for any beach goer who might leave little morsels of food so he can be the first to swoop in and get them. It's interesting to watch these birds go after each other as soon as one of them finds some food. Good thing humans aren't so vicious when we eat. :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here's a nice motorcycle I saw at the recent car show in Hollywood. I've always thought sidecar bikes were pretty neat. This one sure caught my eye. Maybe one day I'll get one of these and cruise around the neighborhood........or maybe not.... ;-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If you are looking for a great car at a great price, let me know. I'm selling my 1996Mercedes Benz C36 AMG. The car is in great shape, runs like a dream, and is faster than all get out. (It's best acceleration speed is from 60-90 mph, and it'll literally throw you back in your seat!!) The car is in immaculate condition and I'd rate it as a 9/10. Has a few small "rock chip" spots on the hood from highway driving but for a 12 year old car it's hardly noticeable.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here's a shot of the moon and a couple of other pictures I took during the shuttle launch. Unfortunately, I didn't have a tripod......and the pictures didn't turn out very good. I was surprised the moon shot turned out so well since I was holding the camera as steady as I could with nothing to lean on. But..... nevertheless, I WILL be prepared the next time! You can see how bright the moon was in the picture with the contrail in it. The shuttle is a speck of light on the left side of the photo. Hard to believe that only 8.5 minutes after liftoff, they can see the shuttle in NYC!!! Incredible!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


One thing about the New Mexico climate is that it's VERY dry. So much so that a lot of airlines have been parking their airplanes there while trying to figure out what to do with them. It's really pretty sad to see 100's of millions of dollars of airplanes sitting on the tarmac just sitting their remaining life waiting for "disposal" instructions. A few years ago I actually saw three B-727's that I'd flown over in Europe, being slowly dismantled. It was pretty sad to know that these beautiful airplanes that had allowed me such a wonderful view of Europe were dying a slow, piecemeal death. One day I'll rescue one of these grand old birds and make a nice home out of it. What do you think about that????

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My girlfriend and I decided to go up to Titusville, FL, (just a few miles away from Cape Canaveral) to watch one of the last space shuttle night launches on Friday, November 14th, 2008. It was absolutely GORGEOUS, not to mention thrilling and heart stopping. Everyone cheered when the shuttle lifted off. The whole event didn't take much more than about 40 seconds (and my cameras decided to give me fits too.....hence the attached images which was all I had time to take). These photos were taken 13 miles from the launch pad without a tripod. I looked everywhere but couldn't find my spare...... ;-( so these handheld shots were the result .We spent three hours driving there, one minute watching, and three hours driving back home, but it was certainly worth it to see this spectacular sight. We even heard the shuttle's engines approximately one minute after lift-off! Hopefully we'll get up to see a day launch before the shuttle program is scrapped in 2010. Folks, this is really something you HAVE to see.

Friday, November 14, 2008


One of the neat things about driving around New Mexico is the vast array of wildlife. When I took my mom to Ruidoso last week, we came upon a few grazing antelope. They are such a beautiful animal and don't seem to mind being photographed. When driving from Roswell to Albuquerque, it's not uncommon to see hundreds of these animals grazing in the fields. Deer, antelope, badgers, turkeys, etc..... New Mexico is certainly an environment for the wildlife photographer! But as the second photo shows, it can be quite barren too!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, as most of you know, I went to visit my wonderful mom in Roswell, New Mexico, for a week. Got a LOT of things done for, lawn, lights, car, etc....., and I got a few shots of the local "sites" too. Here's a couple of shots I took of what's put Roswell on the map.....ALIEN stuff. Even the local McDonalds has a "UFO playground", the only one of it's kind. Of course, aliens are their to greet you to their parking lot. ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of posts lately. I went to Roswell, NM, to visit my mom and since she doesn't have a computer, I could only use the ones at the local library, and they are pretty much locked out of being able to do much. So, I'll post some of my photos that I shot during my visit starting tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A couple of months ago a buddy I went to high school with in Roswell, NM, and I went bike riding in the everglades. We happened to find a small alligator (three feet or so long), basking in the sun, and I decided to take a couple of photos. (You can see the alligator just to the right and a bit behind Butch in the photo). Moments after I took this shot, the alligator moved a couple of inches, Butch moved about 20 feet, and wondered if he could tell everyone he was "attacked" by an alligator. We both laughed and drove our bikes back to his jeep. I told him we'd classify the alligators movements as an "attack" and we'd just leave it at that. See how stories get started???? ;-)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's a shot of me at work. What a GREAT job!!! I LOVE being a pilot, and it was the ONLY thing I wanted to be since I was a young kid. My love of aviation started when I was around three years old. Their was a lot of obstacles along the way, but I never let them get me down. One thing I've learned is NEVER give up. You WILL succeed if you want something bad enough. A dream will come true if you want it to!!! I waited till I was almost 40 years old before I was hired on with a major airline. I almost gave up many times, but the my inner spirit told me to keep going. Sometimes you have to wait for the good things in life, but the wait will be well worth it; trust me!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today they are trying to break the world record for numbers of drummers playing the same beat. It just so happens that this event is taking place just two blocks from my condo, and boy is it loud. They are making the attempt at 5:45PM. Here's a quick video I took of the scene unfolding. I guess they are "linking" across the country with a few other cities and together all the drummers from each city will comprise enough to set the record. Pretty neat, eh?

Friday, October 31, 2008


The other day when I was driving around Hollywood, FL, where I live, I came upon this greeting painted on a local business's windows. It looked "funny" to me, and then I realized why. Click on the photo to enlarge it and then read it.......and then read it again. Do you see anything wrong? If not, read it again. If you didn't see it, then I'll expose it for you: Fall IS is in the air! Now, this has been up for a couple of weeks and I don't think anyone has told the owner of the business that his greeting is botched up. I've seen a few other windows with the same general greeting, apparently done by the some company, so I KNOW they can get it right. :-) I guess it's hard to get good COMPETENT help to paint ads these days. Happy Halloween everyone!