Sunday, January 25, 2009

NO REASON FOR THIS............

Yesterday as I was heading up I-95 towards Pompano Beach, FL, I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour due to a traffic accident. As I approached the accident, it was apparent that NO ONE was directing traffic. SIX, yes SIX, lanes of traffic were blocked, and traffic was backed up for MILES. What amazed me though when I was passing the accident, (which was 90% cleaned up and involved a motorcycle and a car) was the number of policemen and state troopers all "palling around" with each other with little regard for the massive traffic jam they had behind them. What was even more amazing was that two of the blocked lanes on I-95 were CLEAR, yet blocked off! This is unacceptable. Why is it that our police want US to move accident vehicles off the road so as not to impede traffic, but they have NO problem creating the biggest traffic jams around?

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