Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today my girlfriend's son Jimmy, won his FIRST 18 year old level tournament! Jimmy turned 12 in November of last year! He won his first 16 year old level tournament when he was only 10, so moving up to the 18 year old level is quite an accomplishment, and to WIN his FIRST ONE at only 12 is quite a feat too! I've posted a photo of Jimmy with his mom after the tournament finished, and one of Jimmy with his opponent in the finals, Steve Rock. I'm amazed at the quality of tennis this young man plays, but even more amazed at the maturity he displays on the court. The comments from the spectators is always one of awe............ I have no doubt we're witnessing the next "Tiger Woods" of the tennis world in the making. This young man WILL reach the top, mark my words! Great job Jimmy.......and thanks Maria and Chris (Jimmy's coach), for making this mans future possible.

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