Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just finished up a grueling four day trip with stops in San Francisco (SFO), Fort Myers (RSW), and Denver (DEN). The last day we started at 0600 in the morning in Denver, and didn't get home to Newark (EWR) until 0100 THE NEXT DAY!!! Ughhhhh! Darn ATC delays!!! Anyways, I took a few nice shots in SFO I thought you might enjoy. One shot is of a "comedian" who I have NO idea who he is, but he must have been famous because when he came and stood next to me, EVERYONE wanted his photo. Even the folks in the Boudin bread making factory stopped what they were doing to come get this guys picture. Who is he??? Also have a great shot of a loon (I think) with beautiful red eyes. Click on the photos to make them larger and you'll see what I mean. Got a chance to visit the little shop that "invented" the fortune cookie. These little morsels are ALL hand made!!! Attached a little video clip so you can see this operation in progress.

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