Tuesday, June 9, 2009


One of the great things about my job is the incredible view I have from the cockpit. I'm always amazed at the number of things we seem to let pass by us each day without noticing. I've always been one of those who "doesn't miss much", and I've been told that by quite a few folks. One pilot asked me what I was taking photos of during a flight from San Juan (SJU) to Newark (EWR) one day and I told him "rainbows". He asked me where I was seeing them and I told him "everywhere". After I showed him several, he stated that in 20 years of flying over the Atlantic ocean, he'd never seen the sights I was showing him. Amazing, isn't it? Well, here's a nice rainbow shot I took last week from 37,000 feet on my trip from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (BQN), to Newark. I've also included a shot of a massive super cell thunderstorm. Beautiful, aren't they? This is one of the few things that makes being a pilot such a wonderful job.

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