Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today Maria and I decided to go to Hollywood Beach which is only a 5 minute drive from my condo. It was absolutely GORGEOUS at the beach.......until we went and found a parking ticket on my car for $30. It seems we parked in a "Beach Patrol" spot that is never used by ANYONE, not to mention the "Beach Patrol" (and it is located BETWEEN other parking spots, so it catches a LOT of so-called "illegally" parked cars) . I have now decided that I will spend my money and time at South Beach since they seem to be more "people friendly" than Hollywood will EVER be. As much as I love the little town of Hollywood, Florida, where I live, the city planners and directors have so much money for the "parking police" that they've run quite a few locals off with their obsession of ticketing overdue cars, and now I'll join them in patronizing Miami, instead of Hollywood. I hope the parking attendant is proud of her new accomplishment. Sad, isn't it?