Monday, January 11, 2010

REAL Pictures!!!

Since I started taking photos as a little kid, one goal I had was to take the best possible pictures. Sure, I might take 200 shots and only get ONE good one, but it will be good, and it will be REAL, and it will be something I took, and I'll be proud to call it one of my photographs. I'm amazed at the number of photographers who do so much image "rework" and then call it an "orginal" photo. Sorry, but we part ways once the "magical reworking" starts. So, that being said, I just want everyone to know that my photos are EXACTLY what the camera saw. If ANY image work is done, it's only to sharpen (focus), or clarify the image (gets rid of the haze and I only do this maybe 2% of the time). You won't see "fake" colors, strange looking objects, or anything that can be done with the latest and greatest "photo shop technology". I hope you enjoy my work. Here's a sunset in St. Maarten. Beautiful, isn't it? And it's REAL too.

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Anonymous said...

Soooooooo Beautiful, can wait to go back