Saturday, April 17, 2010

UMMMMMM......Okay......... ;-)

Finally home for ONE day, and then back to work for a couple more days. Here's a "funny shot" I took at the beach about a week and a half ago that I thought everyone might enjoy. I gotta admit, this "swimsuit" ( if you can call it that), was certainly generating a LOT of stares, photos, and chuckles. Now maybe it's just me, but why on earth would someone wear something like this to the beach for EVERYONE to see? And, how on earth could he put his "goodies" in something this small, because he certainly had to have pretty big ones to wear this on the beach. And what makes this even worse, is that he was parading around in a BLACK swimsuit just like this one a couple of hours earlier (fortunately I missed that one.... :-) ). My "South Beach Faux Pas" calendar is almost complete!!!!! Yeehaa! Click on the photo to get the "big picture"....LOL

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