Monday, June 20, 2011


Here's another shot of Mt. Rainier that I took as we departed Seattle, WA, a couple of weeks ago. Interesting how different the mountain looks when the sun is shining on it versus not. At any rate, a spectacular view!


Jenn said...

Beautiful shot. Did you get this color while shooting out a window? It seems like I always have trouble getting good color when I try to shoot out of an airplane window. Of course, time of day may play into that as well.

KARL NOVAK said...

Hi Jenn............yes, this was taken out of an airplane window. For whatever reason, my camera always seems to amaze me with the clarity and color of its shots. I use a Nikon 8800 and have SIX of them in case one breaks! ;-) They originally sold for $1000 with NO accessories, and now you can pick up a complete package on ebay for uner $200. My more expensive cameras come NO WHERE close to what I get from this camera. Thanks for looking at my blog. Karl