Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A couple of days ago, (26 February, 2012), I was surprised with two very special passengers on my flight from Newark, NJ, to San Jose, Costa Rica. Soon after we reached our cruising altitude, one of the flight attendants called the cockpit and asked to speak to me. She said a female passenger from Roswell, NM, was on my flight and knew me! When I asked her what the passengers name was, she said "Cecilia"..............and I was stumped! I didn't know any "Cecilia's" at Goddard.............hmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? About half way to San Jose, my first officer and I decided it was time for a bathroom break. He went first, and then came the time for me to meet my "friend". I told the flight attendant to go get this "mystery passenger" so that when I got out of the lav I could see her. I was shocked to see my good friend Serena Blach! Serena and I graduated from high school together, and had gotten together in Seattle, WA, for breakfast a few months earlier! Her and her husband, Jeff, were going on a vacation to Costa Rica for a few weeks. Serena THOUGHT she recognized my voice on the PA, and asked the flight attendants if I was the captain............... Imagine how surprised she was to find out it WAS me! In over 22 years of flying for airlines, this is the FIRST time this has happened to me! What a small world! I hope Serena and Jeff enjoyed the flight with their friend Captain Karl at the helm! I've attached two photos...........the upper of Serena and her husband Jeff, and the other of Serena and I.

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