Tuesday, July 14, 2009


During my recent visit to The Dalles, about 70 miles east of Portland, OR (PDX), I had the pleasure of photographing this juvenile osprey. His mom circled high above us as I waited to capture some of these photos. When I first arrived, this little guy was screeching away, and whenever I'd move within 50 yards or so of his nest, he'd grab his fish and off he'd go, flying above the nest while waiting for me to move away. Whenever I retreated a bit, he'd fly back to his nest, eat a bit more, and watch for my movements around his territory. As soon as I hit a certain distance, he'd grab his fish and off he'd go again. It was kind of funny to see this fish get smaller and smaller as the time went buy. The osprey is quite a beautiful bird of prey. Click on the photos to make them larger. I hope you enjoy them.

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