Saturday, October 17, 2009


As I was enjoying a day at the beach last week, I found out just how uncoordinated some people are. Their was a large group of folks having a "beach day" party. They had all types of games and obstacle courses set up. One of the games they were playing involved getting in a plastic kayak, paddling about 50 yards, and returning to shore. I'm guessing that well over 90% of the teams took more than four minutes to accomplish this seemingly easy task. But alas, most of the teams spent more time trying to get in the kayaks than they did rowing. It was pretty hilarious. I'd think at their age that some sort of coordination/mental skills would have kicked in. I was wrong. These guys were all over the place. One would get in and the other would tip the kayak over causing the other person to fall out. Talk about teamwork, or lack of it....LOL. It was pretty fun to watch though.

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