Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I decided to hit the beach for a few hours before I head back up to Newark, NJ (EWR) tomorrow morning for work. It's been sleeting/icing/raining up there for the past few hours, but it's 82 degrees here!! While I was sitting on the beach and taking in the sites, I saw this young lady with her friend taking in some warmth too. When I saw her hair, I couldn't help but wonder how you tell your beautician to do this type of thing. "I'd like a strand of hair here, shave this part but only to the ear, dye this part black, I'd like the tip white, I'd like a star cut into my hair over here, and oh, by the way, DON'T cut it too short!! LOL Anyways, when I was about to leave, the girls came and asked me to take their photo, and of course I obliged. I told the one young lady that I was going to use her "haircut" in my blog for the day and she wanted to see it, so........... Alex, Tammy, and Stephanie, here's your photos!!!

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