Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today as I was looking through some of my old photos, I came across this beautiful home I owned in Brunswick, Georgia. It was built in 1890, had over 6500 square feet indoors, on a half acre of land, and made into four apartments: two were two bedroom two bath, and two were two bedroom, one bath. All had beautiful hardwood floors, fireplaces, 14 foot ceilings, french doors, and many more features found in older homes. I spent quite a few hours doing yard work and renovating this place, and yes, it was GORGEOUS. The good thing though, was that when I purchased it in 1997, I only paid $179,900!!! (Up until recently, you couldn't get a STUDIO apartment NEAR Miami beach for under $500,000!!!!) The hard thing to believe though, was that getting someone to rent a 1400 square foot apartment for $500 a month was like pulling teeth. They literally wanted them for free! After holding on to the place for seven years, I finally sold it (sadly). I used to often think of everything that old home must have seen over the years. Too bad they don't build homes like this today. Sturdy, quality, beautiful, and "personality" just don't seem to be the hallmarks of new homes. Sad, isn't it?

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