Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Update on my arm. Had an MRI on Friday, still sore, and should have some further info in the next day or so. All I know is that even brushing my teeth is sometimes difficult. I HATE getting old.......LOL! Here's a couple of interesting shots I took a while back. Check out this guys Mohawk hairdo. Pretty neat, eh? Now check out his car. He has it set up to lower COMPLETELY to the ground when he's got it parked. (Looks like it was dragged to this spot....;-) ). The seats are all BEACH CHAIRS!!!! And check out the engine..........it powers this beast like a rocket. When he drove off I thought I was watching a drag race. I'm just wondering how those beach chairs hold up with all that torque. Looks can certainly be deceiving. Click on the photos to enlarge them. This guy designs and paints cars like this. Pretty cool!

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