Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A couple of months ago a buddy I went to high school with in Roswell, NM, and I went bike riding in the everglades. We happened to find a small alligator (three feet or so long), basking in the sun, and I decided to take a couple of photos. (You can see the alligator just to the right and a bit behind Butch in the photo). Moments after I took this shot, the alligator moved a couple of inches, Butch moved about 20 feet, and wondered if he could tell everyone he was "attacked" by an alligator. We both laughed and drove our bikes back to his jeep. I told him we'd classify the alligators movements as an "attack" and we'd just leave it at that. See how stories get started???? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

as i recall, the photographer launched his own self about 30 feet in the air...it seems the "story of the attack" lives, as we both told it as recently as yesterday during a sight seeing flight around south florida...are florida panthers next?