Sunday, November 23, 2008


When walking on the beach you look for shells, sharks teeth, sand dollars, and just about anything else that will give you a nice memento of your visit. One thing you do NOT want to pick up, is a jellyfish lying on the beach that looks like an iridescent balloon. Popping one is just as hazardous. Why? Because the Man 'O War jellyfish is very poisonous and toxic, and even though it looks harmless lying there, it IS potent. The tentacles are almost invisible and sometimes extend out a few feet from where it is lying. Touching them will result in a painful burning sensation and welts on your skin. Even though most of the ones on the beaches in southeastern Florida are fairly small (3-4 inches) they are still dangerous. Often you'll see kids come running out of the water screaming, and yet the parents and bystanders have no clue as to what's happened.'those pesky jellyfish stings that have just ruined their day at the beach! Be careful but have fun! You've been warned!!!

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