Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, I finally made it back home again. It's ALWAYS nice to come home! Spent the last two days with a good friend of mine, Bill Foley, up at his parents cherry orchards in Oregon. Always nice to hang out with friends and enjoy the beautiful northwest. I've attached a couple of "cherry" shots for you. The first shot is of the bins of cherries getting ready to go to the sorting facility. The second two are of Van and Ranier cherries in the tree. The fourth shot is of Bill with some of the cherries we picked. Bill and his family pick upwards of 1000 TONS of cherries a year! Incredible! Boy, these are some gooooood cherries folks!!! Thanks for everything Bill!

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Creative Student said...

Hey there! Hope you are well and still enjoying blogging!! I have been away from my blog for almost a week now but I am back!

I have just written Chapter 3 - Part 1 and got it up on the blog, so come over and catch up with Jack and Stephanie.

I will stop by and read your recent posts when i get the chance! :) Look forward to hearing what you think of the next installment!!!