Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After I started printing my photos, I noticed a decrease in the quality of photos the more I printed/downloaded them. It got to the point where they were getting fuzzier and fuzzier and no amount of sharpening helped. That's when I found out that any photo you want to keep in high quality, must be saved as a "tiff" or tagged information file folder. (If you don't do this, every time to download the photo or view it, it will lose a bit of it's image quality.) In essence, it takes a photo, puts a "fence" around it, and doesn't allow any of the photo to escape during a download. It also uses a lot of memory since it will take a photo and double or triple the amount of memory used in the original JPEG (if that's what you downloaded it as). So the next time you "adjust" your photo, save it as a "tiff", and you'll have that "original" photo for a long time with NO loss of image quality.

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