Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, I made the horrible commute from Ft. Lauderdale, to Newark, NJ today. Hard to believe it's getting to be a "normal" commute time of around seven hours or so for a 2:25 minute flight with the continuous air traffic delays to the northeast . Seems the air traffic control system really could care less how much money and business their imposed delays are costing us. Sad thing is though, is that it's costing a lot of our employees their jobs since we're losing so much money due to these delays. Hopefully, when we get a new administration in power, they'll fix all the damage that's been done to our dilapidated ATC system so we can fly EFFICIENTLY and ON TIME. Gee, now there's a real bright idea......updating our 1960's air traffic control system (along with restoring the controllers pay and benefits that were cut a couple of years ago). I just hope all the damage that's been done can be fixed in the not too distant future. Oh well, off to SXM tomorrow to get some REAL rest and relaxation!

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