Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, I'm in New Orleans, LA (MSY), and having a nice time with my crew. Went out and laid by the pool until a massive thunderstorm decided to "rain on our parade". At any rate, we did enjoy a little bit of sunshine. While flying into New Orleans I always think about the horrible nightmare that hurricane Katrina caused to the people of this wonderful city. It appears that the city is slowly recovering, and hopefully in a few more years it'll be up and running even better than it was before. Mud bugs (craw fish), shrimp etouffe, blackened catfish, collard greens, friendly folks, etc...... all reasons to come and enjoy Louisiana!!!! I leave tomorrow morning but will be back soon!


Harrybear said...

New Orleans used to be so pretty
a bunch of my friends and I are missing it so much. We were pushed to
Jax,FL where we are staying now. Im just really missing the cuisine.. i want my spice back

KARL NOVAK said...

Blackened catfish, shrimp creole, and Justin the cook...... Nice memories, eh? karl