Thursday, June 26, 2008


When people see my photos, many assume they've been "photo shopped". They can't believe you can actually take photos of airplanes landing practically on top of a beach, or 20 feet above someones head. Well, here's a small clip of an Air France Airbus landing in SXM. This is one of the few airports in the world where the planes literally land on top of you!!! It's not loud either since most of the aircraft are at idle when they're about to touch down. This is truly an incredible sight. You've got to make the trek to go down there. You certainly won't be sorry...........and you'll find out why I call it my favorite place to go! I asked someone else to film this for me on my "spare" camera while I shot photos of the plane landing. You'll see me in the last couple of seconds or so of the video. Enjoy the clip...........


Steve said...

wow this is really something! i want to go to st. maarten on one day it looks awesome! i still can't believe how close those planes get

Creative Student said...

wow that is really awesome! Where abouts is SXM? I have to get there one day, even if it costs thousands of pounds! haha!

THanks for the nice comments Karl, im liking your bog as well! that video is just amazing!!

Harrybear said...

thats is so sweet!
i wanna get down there one
day and check it out