Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Once again, an absolutely gorgeous sunrise greeted us upon our arrival into Newark, NJ (EWR)at 0530 this morning. This is the kind of stuff that makes flying an "all nighter" (redeye) worth it. The worst part though, is when the sun actually peeks above the clouds and says hello by almost blinding us! But in the end, it certainly is a glorious sight. I've attached a photo of our view from the cockpit. Enjoy!!



decobooth said...

Just gorgeous! I teach middle school art and do a unit on sunrises and sets every year. This is a spectacular example, the colors are so rich and vivid! Any chance I could use this? It's only for the kiddos to look at before they start their pieces in oil pastel, I promise. decobooth www.apartmental.blogspot.com

KARL NOVAK said...

Hi decobooth,
You are more than welcome to use this photo. I'll check to see if I have a better quality ones available if you'd like. This one looks great when it's small, but when blown up it loses a lot of it's color quality. Let me know. karl

decobooth said...

Karl, I'd love to do your walls, that's a passion of mine, but the traveler you are, you'd probably be able to bring me your wall easier than I could get to it!

I would appreciate any sunrise/set photos you're willing to share. That is one of my favorite units to teach. The kiddos all do such beautiful work that it lifts them higher than most of the other work we do, no pun intended.

I'll look to see if I brought any of the photos of last years kids' work home this summer and send you a few if I did. You'll see what I mean, they are all spectacular!

Thanks so much,
(decobooth) www.apartmental.blogspot.com